Cocoa Beach High School Football

2020 Program Wish List

Dear Alumni and Parents,


As we begin our 2020 football year, our Coach and his staff have provided us with a wish list of items that they need, in order to successfully execute their coaching plan, and take our football program to new heights. Below is this list. These items are URGENTLY needed, as much of this is equipment that is used for the basics of the program, with its training and conditioning, and all out support!


We are asking for your donations to support our program. You can either let us know, explicitly which item you would like to donate funds toward, or, you can contribute to the general fund of the booster program, and with the guidance of Coach Lowe, we can distribute these funds to the most critical of needs.


HUDLE1 $1,500.00$1,500.00
New Home Uniforms40 $6,800.00 $6,800.00
Belts40 $1.40 $56.00
Coaches Hats12 $14.00 $168.00
Coaches Shirts12 $32.00 $384.00
Coaches Shorts12 $29.50 $354.00
Footballs10 $75.00$750.00
Coolers2 $60.00 $120.00
Juggs Machine1 $1,800.00 $1,800.00
Cardio Ropes4$70.00 $280.00
Gatorade Package1 $225.00 $225.00
Girdles12 $20.00 $240.00
Mouth Pieces100$3.00$300.00
Helmet Decals40 $8.00 $320.00
Helmet Stripes50 $3.50 $175.00
Helmets10 $200.00 $2,000.00
Shoulder Pads20$120.00$2,400.00
Knee Pads30 $5.00 $150.00
Field Paint (White) Per Gallon120$11.00$1,320.00
Field Paint (Red)20$13.00$260.00
Field Paint (Blue)20$13.00$260.00
Spray Paint for Logo (White, Blue, Red)48$7.00$336.00
Field Painting Contract5$450.00$2,250.00
TOTAL $22,448.00


At this time, all donations must be mailed in, via check, to the address below, and made out to the following:


Make checks payable to:
Cocoa Beach Football Association, Inc


Mail to:
Taylor & Lockard, CPA
3960 S. Banana River Blvd
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


In the future, we will be offering donations and purchases to be made on-line, as we are updating the Minutemen Football website ( to have this capability.


Thank you for your everlasting, resilient support of our boys, our coaches and the Minutemen Football program. Your donations and contributions are what makes this all work!




President – CBHS Football Booster Club