Cocoa Beach High School Football

Greetings! We have had a great football year and we are so excited to get you involved with the CBHS Football Booster Association and Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School athletics program for 2019.

First, a little about this parent and community operated organization. We were formed in 2008 and we provide equipment, services and support that extends beyond what our school provides for our athletes. The Executive Board oversees funding and general administration and our parent members help with activities like field painting, fundraising, game day activities and student athlete recognition. In the past year our Association raised over $30,000 for uniforms, equipment and facilities improvements based on coaches’ requests and our members’ input. This generous giving is a testament to the support you and our community has provided to our athletes! With your volunteering, ideas and help over the next months we can do even greater things!!

What are we planning for next year?

We have a few ideas but we want to hear what you think! This year when you attended our home games you saw Improved marking and striping of the field, “Honor” nights where we celebrated local agencies and businesses and causes that affect our community and students dressed in “Spirit Wear” boosting school pride. We want to do even more this year. Mark your calendar with the dates in the box below because we need your ideas and energy to help us plan, fund and organize these activities and hopefully many more fun things next year! You are the voice of the athletes, so let them hear your voice at our monthly meetings and committee gatherings!


To foster the growth of the association without overly burdening parents the board is working toward a few major fundraisers throughout the year, that allow us to sustain our operating budget. Our largest, and best fundraiser, is our annual “Coach Lowe Classic Golf Tournament.” This year we raised approximately 50% of our annual budget (~$15,000). We need a lot of parent help in planning to make this happen. Other fundraisers include a fishing tournament (look for information coming out soon!), and a community bowling event.

Where do I sign up?! ([email protected])

At this point you are probably thinking HOW DO I GET INVOLVED and be a member of the Association? We are based on memberships and each member has a vote. The majority of votes will decide on funding opportunities at our meetings. Membership status is being updated, and will be published soon.  Simple huh?  Plus, you get the bonus of staying informed of what happening with our football program, up to date information regarding off-season camps and clinics, and by voting, can suggest where to spend funds to have the greatest impact for our program’s future. We look forward to you joining us and anticipate a very successful year, both on and off the field!

Just to remind you, the purposes of the CBHS Football Booster Association are:
  • To help raise school spirit by promoting a positive atmosphere as part of our athletic events
  • To help lead the community by setting an example of volunteerism and involvement in school activities
  • To supplement our school’s budget by providing supplies and equipment that support our school’s football program and our student athletes, as well as all of the CBHS students using our athletic facilities
  • To help promote the positive athletic experiences that play such a vital role in our children’s development, and to enhance the enjoyment of the CBHS athletic experience for our community, our visitors and our guests