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Cocoa Beach High School Football – Support the Minutemen

The Minutemen had a great football year and we are so excited to get you involved with the CBHS Football Booster Association and the Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School athletics program for 2019. First, a little about this parent and community operated organization. We were formed in 2008 and we provide equipment, services, and support that extends beyond what our school provides for our athletes. The Executive Board oversees funding and general administration and our parent members help with activities like field painting, fundraising, game day activities, and student-athlete recognitions. In the past year, our Association raised over $30,000 for uniforms, equipment and facilities improvements based on coaches’ requests and our members’ input. This generous giving is a testament to the support you and our community has provided to our athletes. With your volunteering, ideas, and help over the next months, we can do even greater things in the years to come. Contact Us Now to learn how you can support the Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School athletics program.

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CBHS Football Booster Association Mission

  • To help raise school spirit by promoting a positive atmosphere as part of our athletic events.
  • To help lead the community by setting an example of volunteerism and involvement in school activities.
  • To supplement our school’s budget by providing supplies and equipment that support our school’s football program and our student-athletes, as well as all of the CBHS students using our athletic facilities.
  • To help promote the positive athletic experiences that play such a vital role in our children’s development, and to enhance the enjoyment of the CBHS athletic experience for our community, our visitors and our guests.

Featured Sponsors for the 2019 Season

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for the support, which is sincerely appreciated. Here are a few of the top CBHS football sponsors for 2019.

Season Highlights (2018)

The Cocoa Beach High School Football team had a great season in 2018. Check out the season highlights video featuring the best Minutemen football play of 2018.

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The Minutemen blog contains posts about the football team, boosters, voluteers, events, and what you can do to show your support for the mInutement.

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We have a lot of fantastic Minutemen branded products available here on this website, so visit our online store to buy discount cards, a sponsorship package, or apparel featuring the new Minutemen logo.

Meet the Coaches

Meet Head Coach DeMarkulus Menyfield and the other Cocoa Beach High School Football coaches who are building a strong foundation for the future of CBHS.

DeMarkulus Menyfield

DeMarkulus Menyfield

Head Coach

Shane Staple

Shane Staple

Offensive Coordinator

Greg Underwood

Greg Underwood

Linebackers Coach

Nico Ballisteri

Nico Ballisteri

Quality Control

Dennis Daniels

Dennis Daniels

Defensive Backs Coach

Pete Picarelli

Pete Picarelli

Strength and Conditioning

Josh Hunter

Josh Hunter

Wide Receiver Coach

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

Special Assistant

Minutemen Players of the Week

(Offense) QB Josh Randle

Josh had a fantastic week completing 24 of 32 passes for 345 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions.

Defense: LB Charlie Rush

Charlie was a monster on leading the Minutemen defense as they held Fairview Park to 185 yards of total offense. Charlie had 8 tackles, two tackles for a loss, and one fumble recovery.

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